Because of You Sharon



Sharon, Because of your willingness to Stand Up For A Friendship by reaching for the stars and raising over $8,000, Walk With Sally is able to support Stefanie and Paulina through their first year.
Stefanie and Paulina, matched on 1/27/17

Paulina joined WWS because her older sister, Alondra, is battling Leukemia. During her initial treatments, Paulina and her dad traveled here to California with Alondra while her oldest sister and mother stayed behind for almost 2 years. She is looking for someone to watch movies with or just go with her to the beach. Mostly she is hoping for someone she can trust. Stefanie is a cancer survivor that very much wants to instill in a child that a cancer diagnosis does not equal death. So far they have attended two of our Heart to Home Art Therapy classes as well as our Baldwin Hills Hiking Friendship Activity Day!

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of Stefanie and Paulina’s journey. See you in 6 months! The Walk With Sally Team