Because of You: Claudia and Camila Update



This past March YOU Stood Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year. So where are Claudia and Camila now?

Since their match last Spring, Claudia and Camila have attended multiple Friendship and Bonus Activities such as the Pizza and Pumpkin day with CPK as well as our Holiday Ice Skating. Camila has even made a close friend with another mentee named Hannah, someone who has a slightly different cancer story and a lot of the same interests.

In addition, Claudia and Camila have attended our Heart to Home art healing sessions where Claudia opened up about her mother. She talked about her favorite color and had drawn a coral balloon that she could release in the air in remembrance. Camila began sharing her worry about her own mother who has been battling brain cancer for several years.
Ever since this day, they have become very close and we just love seeing Camila smile.

We are so excited to see where these two end up in another 6 months!

Because you stood up, you continue to be a part of Claudia and Camila’s journey. See you when they hit their 1 year!

The Walk With Sally Team