Because of You: Lexi and Fatima Update



This past March YOU Stood Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year. So where are Lexi and Fatima now?

Fatima has really jumped out of her shell. In the beginning, she was a bit shy and more reserved. Now, she and Lexi enjoy any activity from dancing, trying new foods, to singing along to One Direction in the car! “We love trying new things together. One day we went to Chinatown for our very first dumplings and Little Tokyo for our very first mochis! Now we set a goal each time to try something new” says Lexi.

Fatima’s parents have said “The changes we’ve seen in Fatima over the last few months have been very positive and it makes us so happy to see that her energy is being focused on her school work. We also see that the activities we do as a family have become just as important as what she wants to do with her friends and sharing with her mentor and friend Lexi. ​​​”​

We can’t wait to hear what they try next!

Because you stood up, you continue to be a part of Lexi and Fatima’s journey. See you when they hit their 1 year!

The Walk With Sally Team