Discover your Purpose



But, whyyyyy?

While this may be a phrase reiterated from children just discovering the world at age 3, adults too wonder, but why? Why are we here?

Soulpancake does a video series asking people ages 0-100 different pressing (or not so pressing) questions. These videos are all incredibly inspiring, but I took a look at responses to the question “What is your purpose?”  Here are the responses from various people at various ages and walks of life:

  • I am here to make people happy and smile
  • Educate and entertain
  • To marry my woman!
  • To be a mother to my two children
  • At different times in your life, you have different purposes
  • I think I am still trying to figure that out- my purpose.
  • My challenge can be figuring out which one I want to care about most today.
  • Whenever I can, to be a mentor
  • Being available to help someone in their journey
  • Because I feel like there are a lot of people in this word that are lost and don’t have anyone there for them
  • Open a world to empathy
  • Who knows?
  • I feel like I have a purpose in life because I just want to keep on moving forward
  • To share my gifts and talents with other people.
  • The purpose of life is to experience it.
  • To live the best life you can with as (much) enthusiasm as you can, so that other people will benefit by your having lived.

For many, we find contentment in helping others along their journey. Our mentors repeatedly express that Walk With Sally brought a feeling of fulfillment and purpose in their lives. As a species, we tend to care for each other and enjoy brightening another’s way. We are happiest when we bring happiness to others, which leads to a joyous chain reaction!

I hope these responses inspire you to discover your own unique purpose, whatever it may be.