Strength in Numbers



Do you remember hosting lemonade stands in Kindergarten, probably making a net profit of two dollars?

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Fund is an entire company raising funds for children’s cancers by combining all these little stands to raise enough money that truly makes a difference in the Cancer Community.

Children at Vance Air Force Base decided to dedicate their Alex’s Lemonade Stand to a pilot who lost her battle with Colon cancer. Each summer, the children at this base choose a project where they learn to budget, plan, and work together.

We lead lives that become a large web. We weave, intersect, and create each others’ experiences. One small action can become something larger than imagined.

Rachel, a WWS mentor who happened to be in the Air Force, decided to tell everyone she met at the base in El Segundo about our organization. From one person, Rachel created a ripple effect, and now we are 100 strong in Air Force volunteers. Walk With Sally has been so fortunate to receive the help from the Air Force over the years during White Light White Night, and they have become a huge part of our event.

Within her military community, she discovered many with cancer stories and a desire to help. After her time at the El Segundo Air Force Base, she passed her leadership role on to others in the Air Force like Dallas. These leaders and their “troops” keep passion for Walk With Sally and our mission alive. Our communities have intertwined, and we are so thankful for this entanglement. With their help, we make our own massive lemonade stand- White Light White Night.

Dallas (far left) and other Air Force volunteers at WLWN
Dallas (far left) and other Air Force volunteers at WLWN

We are small, but we are not inconsequential. Together we create a meaningful, beautiful, and powerful whole. Enjoy every second of being tiny and powerful.