Because of You: Doll Amir & Eley and Big Dicta



Doll Amir & Eley and Big Dicta, because of your willingness to Stand Up For A Friendship and nominate Walk With Sally at this year’s Law Rocks Los Angeles raising over $5,000, we are now able to support a Friendship through its first critical year.

Claudia and Camila matched on 2/13/17

Claudia joined WWS because when she lost her mother to cancer at age 6, she knew how hard it was on her as well as her father. She wants to give back to a child something she missed while her mom was sick, assurance that she was going to be alright. Camila’s mom has brain cancer. While Camila still does not understand what all that means, she knows something is different in the only parent she has. Claudia and Camila are both interested in cooking and have already attended our Spring Cooking Day activity at California Pizza Kitchen! As avid movie fans, they are so looking forward to this Summer and the blockbuster movies they will see.

Because you stood up, you and your supporters are now forever a part of Claudia and Camila’s journey. See you in 6 months! The Walk With Sally Team