Walk With Sally Happenings June 2017



Celebrating Graduations!

We want to celebrate the incredible milestones of our mentee’s graduations this year, from high school and middle school!

Chris and Patrick matched 6/24/12 are celebrating 5 years and Patrick’s successes in high school. We asked Chris what advice he would give new mentors: “Wow. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years. I could write a paragraph of advice. However if I could give one big nugget of advice it would be to always communicate with the kids and show them that you are there for them even if you don’t think they are listening. You never know what conversation or piece of advice will be the thing that makes a difference in their life. The kids are paying attention and are looking for answers from you and so you are a positive influence on them even when you don’t know it. You might not see the outcome of your mentorship right away but eventually you will and it will be one of the most rewarding things you ever experience.”

Miriam and Salma matched 1/15/14 are celebrating 3.5 years of friendship and Salma’s middle school graduation. Miriam continues to see Salma grow into a wonderful young woman supporting her through life’s obstacles. Miriam shared a beautiful memory with us: Salma and I were discussing the importance of family. During our conversation, she asked me, “You’re part of my family, right?” I was moved to hear this positive comment from my beautiful mentee.

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