It is time! Grab your most trusted comrades who enjoy friendship and fun!


Friendship Bowl (previously Bowl-A-Thon) is a time to raise funds and awareness for Walk With Sally, enjoy your time with a mentee, and honor a loved one.


On March 11th, we will bowl at PV Bowl in costume, but start your online team NOW!


Each person must raise $250 using the online platform starting today January 25th, leading up to the event. Each friendship at Walk With Sally costs $5,000, and we are trying to raise enough money for 16 friendships! By fundraising and playing with us, you help positively impact these kids by finding them a mentor who is there for them, help them through the lows, and lift them higher.


You will be bowling next to sponsors, young adults in the community like FTK Social Club, and our mentors and mentees.


Start your team online, and invite friends to join you. Each team can be 4-6 people, and you can invite whomever to donate to your team.


Once you’re all set, it’s time to fundraise! It doesn’t have to be a bake sale, but please let us know if you make brownies, because we’ll be there.


Here are a few ways to get started

  1. Social Media – Post on your Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social media. This is why social media exists, right? For us to positively change and contribute to our social environment. A post about helping a child impacted by cancer seems a little more important than that really yummy-looking burger, the new yoga pants you got, or the sunset last week.

  2. Make Work Charitable – Charity is a great way to strengthen your relationships with coworkers. Send out an email, bring it up at a meeting, or chat at the water cooler about what you’re doing. You may be surprised how supportive Steve from accounting is, and he may even want to join your team, not just donate. Voila! A new friend.

  3. Host Your Friends – We are all about FUNraising. You can host a few friends at your home, restaurant, park, or beach for a little get-together and ask them each to bring a little cash to donate to your team and help pay for that wine. They don’t even need to bring cash. Don’t accept that excuse; have them donate to your page on their phone right there.


If you want any more ideas, we have them! Always feel free to call the office (310) 322-3900. We will help you start a team, and chat about how to get you started! Let’s BOWL!