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Because of You

Thank You Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities!
Because of your willingness to Stand Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year, we were able to match Khryste and Emily on 6/28/17.

Emily came to the Walk With Sally program in 2015. She lost her mom to Breast Cancer in 2013 after a 7 year battle. She and her brother Matthew, also in our program, were adopted by their aunt Guadalupe soon after. Emily was looking for more positive reinforcement and support and was initially matched in early 2016. As sometimes happens, after their 1 year anniversary Emily’s mentor, an Air Force officer, was transferred out of state.

Khryste lost her father 6 years ago to brain cancer. She and her husband have have been long time supporters of Walk With Sally ever since. She believes strongly in WWS’s mission and the long lasting friendships that are created through mentoring. So when she was offered the opportunity to be there for Emily, she jumped.¬†Khryste and Emily have been getting to know each other better and are slowly developing their friendship. They are excited by what may come and happy to share these last few years of Emily’s high school experience together.

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of Khryste and Emily’s journey.
See you in 6 months!