Because of You Robert Sprague Foundation



Because of You

Thank you Robert Sprague Foundation!
Because of your willingness to Stand Up For A Friendship supporting a Walk With Sally Match in its first year, we were able to match Amanda and Monserrat on 6/13/17.

Monserrat, or Monse as she likes to be called, came to us from another Walk With Sally family’s referral. Her mom, Guadelupe, is currently battling breast cancer. Having been diagnosed in 2014, she is now Stage 3. Monse lives at home with her dad Oscar, sister Domenic, also in the WWS program, and her mom. Since the diagnosis, Monse has become closed off to her parents. Not able to express her feelings, she appears to try very hard to keep everything light hearted.

After losing her father to cancer in 2011 while she was in college, Amanda couldn’t imagine how a young child could handle the pain of watching their parent battle this way. She came to WWS hoping to help a young girl get through these times and make the best of her cancer story.
Since being matched, Monse’s dad has watched her slowly begin to open up and reconnect. Amanda and Monse are both quiet and seem to be a perfect match. They are both enjoying the Walk With Sally community and developing more friends just like them.

Because you stood up, you are now forever a part of Amanda and Monse’s journey. See you in 6 months!