NPC (No Pucker Challenge) – WWS Spreading Hope For Marian



Walk With Sally spreads the word and shows support for NPC aka “Childhood Alzheimer’s”

Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) is a fatal genetic disorder mostly affecting children, approximately 1:100,000 births. It’s commonly referred to as “Childhood Alzheimer’s”

NPC is always fatal. Without help, Marian and half of NPC children won’t live to see age 10. The earlier neurological symptoms begin, the more aggressive the disease. Early diagnosis is essential and for the first time investigational treatments can help the body flush and slow the build up in cells. This treatment is a miracle and is buying critical time to hold the NPC progression at bay while other therapies are developed. Together we will cure NPC! We want you to take the NPC Challenge explained below.

Take the NPC Challenge!

Take a video eating a lemon slice, without puckering! and share to social media.

Make sure to use the following hashtags: #hopeformarian #curenpc #nopuckerchallenge

Eat a lemon and donate/buy a shirt at

All funds will be used to help find a cure for NPC.

We challenge @CancerSupportCommunity, @joannagaines, @thefatjewish, & @mindykaling, to join us!

Take a look at our Walk With Sally team Lucia and Michael showing their support!!

& Thank you to COMMON SPACE BREWERY helping us play a part in spreading awareness for Marian.