Speak & Listen



Feeling like a weight is lifted off your shoulders?


It is funny how just sharing what is bothering you can make a huge difference, even if the situation itself hasn’t changed. But we find so much relief when talking about our issues. We find comfort when we feel completely understood.


This is the bread and butter of Walk With Sally. As always, we each have unique lives, but we can easily and readily relate to various cancer stories.


Tomorrow, June 23rd, Danielle will give a quick snippet of her experience being a mentor to Sam in our program. If you would like to hear her, be sure to attend our Kick-Off Party!


It is going to be a fun evening, and celebration is a part of healing. While we deal with extreme tribulations like cancer, we also experience the intense joy of a marriage, new baby, graduations, and other great lifetime pleasures. We go through trying times, and still come out on the other side able to enjoy each others’ company, great food, sparkly jewelry, and all those little things in life. Balance is key, and we could all use a little more joy in our lives. We hope to see you tomorrow as we share our stories, music, and purpose.


Cheers to all of you!