Thanks, Pops!



For always being our rock. For the camping trips, driving lessons, dad jokes and hoarse voice after our games. Nothing really beats Dad’s reactions to our antics, advice for our problems, hugs during the rough times, or unconditional love.

Each dad is different. We have the grizzly camper, the artist, the engineer nerd, lyrical genius, and the list never quits. We never stop loving these wild, artistic, geeky, musical men who watch us grow up and dedicate their lives to make sure we do it right.

Thank you for participating in things that were once out of the question for you. We appreciate the girl talk you had with your son, and letting your daughter paint your nails (and the dog’s too).

He’ll help with projects until 8am or tell us we should have thought about this sooner as he scoots off to bed (different strokes for different folks). He’ll coach baseball when he’s never touched a bat in his life. Jewelry-shopping at Walk With Sally’s Kick-Off will be fun because his little princess wants to go.

Fathers are beside us when the winds take a turn and we think that our ship may go down. They help us weather the storm and are there when the skies clear.

In Walk With Sally, we have fathers who are caretakers, survivors, warriors and guardian angels. We are so thankful and grateful to have you, in every role. Happy Fathers’ Day to all of you!