Walk With Sally 6th Annual Surf Day Friendship Activity 2019

Mentor and Mentee Friendship Frank and Aiden at Walk With Sally's Surf Day Friendship Activity in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles



Walk With Sally 6th Annual Surf Day Friendship Activity 2019

Partnership and volunteers create community at Walk With Sally Friendship Activity.

Walk With Sally brings ocean healing and surfing to mentors, mentees and families in partnership with the Jimmy Miller Foundation, and with the support of FTK Social Club, to build community! Photos by @jolugarphotography and @heatherlevenphotography

6 Years of Nonprofit Partnership: Jimmy Miller Foundation and Walk With Sally

Walk With Sally has successfully partnered with the Jimmy Miller Foundation for 6 consecutive years to bring a unique method of Ocean Therapy to children impacted by a loved one’s cancer. While spending a beautiful summer day at the beach, Walk With Sally mentees face their fears and overcome challenges while learning to surf. We asked Kevin Sousa, JMMF Program Director and MA LMFT, about the ocean therapy concept and what our partnership means to him.


Volunteers Make A Difference

As the friendship activity day unfolds, Walk With Sally (WWS) mentees rotate to different stations, getting the full spread of activities: surfing, boogie boarding, sand castle competition and a volleyball clinic. What makes the day turn key for our kids and mentors are the incredible volunteers who show up. From facilitating surfing instruction and carrying out an organized volleyball clinic to passing out lunch and cheering on the kids in the water, these individuals help the WWS Staff create the ultimate experience filled with joy, connection and hope.

Walk With Sally mentors, mentees, friendships and volunteers participating in the surf day friendship activity in Manhattan Beach with food provided by Jimmy John's
These incredible volunteers make Walk With Sally Friendship Activities possible! @jimmyjohns also provides us with delicious lunch for our entire community!

Friendship Becoming Family

An incredible day of mentors and mentees coming together to build their bonds, including several families that are able to connect to the broader community. Haley and Amelia were matched back in January of 2018. Haley lost her mom to a rare cancer 5 months later. These two have built a strong bond full of love and sincere support. Haley shares, “She is always there for me when I need her and when I talk to her she makes me happy.” We also wanted to know why not only her mentor, but the greater Walk With Sally community helps?


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