Walk With Sally Honors Veterans Day 2021



WWS Honors Air Force Partnership This Veterans Day

On this Veterans Day, we would be remiss if we didn’t give a big round of applause to the incredible partnership with the U.S. Air Force base in El Segundo. For nearly 10 years now, members of the U.S. Air Force have recruited a large portion of the volunteer staff necessary to make Walk With Sally events possible. Thank you Los Angeles Air Force Base for your service to our country AND our community!

Walk With Sally is excited for future opportunities  to work with the U.S Air Force. We truly appreciate all that you do.

Walk With Sally Shows Veteran Appreciation

Walk With Sally partnered with Project Giving Kids and their Create the Change Challenge. During the week of November 1st through the 7th, a 4-hour-long virtual service sessions was held. During this workshop the kids put together hygiene kits for homeless veterans, along with thank you cards. The kits and letters were then sent to The Village for Vets organization. The organization will distribute them to the veterans.

This was an amazing experience for our kids to truly “create change” in our community.


Walk With Sally Volunteer Opportunities

Now more than ever, it’s important for our kids to have positive relationships they can connect with.

  • Sustained, positive relationships with caring adults can help mitigate the harmful effects of childhood trauma, like depression or cardiovascular disease.
  • All the kids in our program have already endured the trauma of seeing a close family member battle cancer, this new crisis and dramatic shift due social distancing and isolation will only serve to exacerbate these harmful effects.

By connecting with a child and becoming a mentor, YOU can be the difference for a child who has had their world turned upside down for a second time in their short lives.

Fill out our volunteer form to let us know if you’d like to become a mentor, or help in another way, and someone will get in touch with you right away!