Grateful for our Friendship – Meet Miriam & Mari



Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to support Walk With Sally. In case you missed last week’s email, JP & Rachel’s friendship story can be found on the WWS Blog!

Miriam, 76, knows about cancer all too well. Losing her father to lung cancer when she was a 12-year-old was hard enough, but to lose her mother, two sisters, and a few more family members is rough.

Mari, 8, watched her mother battle Lymphoma. While Michi, Mari’s mother, was going through chemo and focusing on getting better, Mari really didn’t understand what her mother was going through.

Miriam has been the positive social outlet that Mari has needed. Mari’s energetic spirit can be challenging and be the cause of struggles in school. However, with the common interests Miriam and Mari share, like watercolors and their love of cats, and a family therapist, Mari has made tremendous strides in school. Being matched a little over a year ago, their friendship has blossomed into something special and meaningful that neither of them would change for the world.

“Our Walk With Sally friendship has been a guiding light through our recovery process and throughout this pandemic.” -Michi
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