Walk With Sally Gives Away $6,000 In Scholarships



What Is The Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship?

Walk With Sally’s mission is to provide support to children whose parents or siblings have cancer. Through our mentoring program we hope to provide these children with the immediate support they need when dealing with the trauma that cancer can often cause. As these children grow into young adults, it is our hope that through our programs, Walk With Sally can instill a sense of leadership and community engagement. Through our Fred’s Future Young Leaders Scholarship, we aim to provide these young adults with the opportunity to thrive as leaders in their community by giving them financial assistance to continue their education.

Junior Mentors Become Scholarship Recipients

This year Walk With Sally is happy to announce that 4 of our mentees have received scholarships in order to pursue their undergraduate degrees next year. They are:

Junior Mentors and Walk With Sally mentees Barbra, Kristina, Evelyn and Jacqueline receive a scholarship from Walk With SallyName: Barbra Lyons

School: University of California Los Angeles

Major: Psychobiology

Quote: “I can honestly say that I would not be the person I am today without Walk With Sally. The WWS staff, alongside my mentors, have provided me with a guiding role as I step into adulthood. Every volunteer, mentor in training, and even junior mentor that I have interacted with has opened my eyes and shown me that there is so much more in the world than just myself.”


Name: Kristina McKibbin

School: Cal State University Long Beach

Major: Heath Science

Quote: “Marlo and Jenna both are amazing mentors and major aspects of my life that are irreplaceable. These two incredible women have taught me more than I could ever ask for and I don’t even know how I could truly thank them enough and show them how much I appreciate them. Walk With Sally as a whole is the most important program I have ever been apart of, and just like my mentors, is irreplaceable, something you can’t find anywhere else.”


Name: Evelyn Grijalva

School: Cal State University Long Beach

Major: Nutritional Science

Quote: “Being part of Walk With Sally has taught me how important it is to never give up and that there is always hope even if one has been impacted by something big like cancer.”


Name: Jacqueline Anaya

School: El Camino College

Major: Nursing

Quote: “All in all, through my grief and healing, Walk with Sally has always been there to support me through the development of my confidence to meeting new people, learning new job skills, and healing l and having Walk with Sally in my life has brought me much happiness and a new positive perspective to living life. I can One-Hundred percent say that Walk with Sally’s, “​commitment to providing comfort to children debilitated by the emotional experience of living with or losing a parent to cancer” is fulfilled in my heart.


For More Information on Walk With Sally and all the programs we offer, please give us a call at (310) 322-3900.