You Ensure They Are Never Alone




“Cancer brought us together, but we connected even more deeply through our gender identity.” – WWS Mentor

Never alone

For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a kid with suicidal thoughts because they are scared of how their family will react. Has depression because they don’t “fit in.” Or are they feeling uncomfortable in their skin because they haven’t been true to who they are? Now imagine a 17-year-old going through these feelings and watching your mother die of cancer.

Walk With Sally understands the world is changing, and we are changing right along with it. We hired a part-time social worker to lead expanded support services, including our LGBTQ+ community. The true magic in Walk With Sally friendships is finding a mentor/friends that can talk about the tough things and has maybe even gone through something similar.

Coping with a loved ones cancer and being true to who you are can be challenging. Having a support system is critical and having an advocate is even greater. With Walk With Sally you are never alone.

We need your help to meet this moment and serve the evolving needs of our community affected by cancer. Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation to push us closer to our goal of $55,000 by 2022?